Publicity Support for State & Local Button Societies

Ideas for Increasing Membership

An article by Button Bytes members on idea's for increasing button club membership on the local, state and national levels. This article is for members to print out and take to their button clubs.


by Mona Abrahamson, Ankeny, IA

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Why Do We Collect Buttons?

by Wilda Gould

Click the link below to see the article From the April, 1974 issue of Just Buttons:

1974 April Just Buttons Why Do We Collect Buttons.jpg

National Button Week is the 3rd week in March

it was started by Jean Speights when she was president in 1989

NBS is asking all members and clubs to plan something special in appreciation of our hobby!


A few suggestions are:

  1. Bullet Submit an article to your local newspaper about button collecting.

  1. Bullet Post a photo of your favorite button on your Facebook page and invite

    your friends to take a look.

  1. Bullet Twitter about your button activities.

  1. Bullet Invite a non-member to a club meeting.

  1. Bullet Invite an associated organization, i.e. a antique study group or sewing

    guild to a club meeting.

  1. Bullet Contact a local museum and offer to post a display of buttons.

  1. Bullet Offer to speak to another guild or society, i.e. quilting, sewing, beading,

    etc... about button collecting. 

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