NBS Button Gallery

What's a collectible button? Just about any button that appeals to you is

worth collecting. From inexpensive Victorian black glass buttons to

whimsical modern plastic buttons to rare and beautiful 18th-century

buttons worn by the aristocracy of the day, there are buttons for every

taste and budget. Take a look at our button gallery and be drawn into the

wonderful world of button collecting, a world of incredible variety and


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  1. Bullet Click this link to see winning trays from past NBS conventions.

Click this link to see past favor buttons from the National Button Society annual conventions.

National Button Society Archive
A Guide and Inventory

Click this link to transfer to the Member’s only part of our website where you can access the Ohio State University NBS Archives. There you will find a list of things that are in the OSU Rare Books and Manuscripts Library.


  1. Bullet Click this link to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art website costume institute collection database where you can see their buttons!

  1. Bullet Click this link to go to the Golf Club Button Collection website!    

  1. Bullet There was an exhibition in Paris that displayed the Artistic, historical and cultural phenomena of buttons, including a large part of the collection of Loic Allio, who wrote the book Boutons. Also some buttons from the collection of Millicent Safro were displayed from June 4 through August 14, 2010.

Here are some highlights from this exhibition that we attended.  Click on link to see the slide show of photographs by Deborah Hanson. These are not officials pictures of the exhibition, they are Deborah’s personal initiative.

  1. Bullet Click this link to see the button display of “MINIATURE ART, 17th Century to Present Day Buttons” made by the Texas State Button Society.


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